Just Your Average Gal



The Basics…

  1. I am currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech
  2. I am definitely obsessed with my cat, Pursby
  3. I am an Etsy shop owner ( linked here )
  4. I am a blog writer ( duh )
  5. I have wishful dreams to travel
  6. I enjoy volunteer work
  7. I absolutely hate math
  8. …and soda
  9. I am pursuing a Public Relations and Media Journalism double major
  10. …and double minor in General Communications and Marketing
  11. I am a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority ( #zlam! )


Why Blog?


I am awkward in front of a camera (bye YouTube), I can never get my camera angle right (bye Photography), and I love to write (hello blog).

love to write.

love to [over] think.

Solution: write my thoughts down.

And thus, my creative outlet was born.

Stick around for a while, I’d like to think that I am a fun time.



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