Company Review: Casetify

I gave in to the trend and purchased myself a marble laptop case. But little did I know that it would lead me to discovering a new phonecase company…

After realizing how cute my marble laptop case was, I decided that I definitely needed to find one for me phone as well. So of course, I turned to Pinterest to seek inspiration. After scrolling through Pinterest (follow me HERE) I found a phone case ad that caught my attention, so I decided to check it out.

The company is called Casetify and y’all I am in love.

A little about the company:

What makes them different from other customizable phone case companies is their slogan, “Beautiful but tough.”

The whole idea of this company was built around engineering a case that survived a drop test from four feet directly onto concrete without breaking the phone or the case. Their design has the case built with two layers, yet manages to be extremely thin and sleek. I’ve had OtterBoxes after OtterBoxes, yet my Casetify case is thinner than the OtterBox Symmetry (linked HERE for comparison). Furthermore, it’s always important (to me) for the case to have a “lip” on the front of the phone and this case does provide that.

From what I understand, the New Standard Cases for the Iphone 6/6s is completely customizable. The edge and the back plate can be interchanged and are technically two separate pieces, though they attach together. You can purchase interchangeable back plates for only $15, giving you the capability to have several different phone cases with just a few pieces.

For reference: they sell cases for the iphone, apple watch, ipads, android, samsung, and macbook sleeves! You can also customize the case with your personal pictures.

My purchase:

  • Black and White Marble back plate
  • Iphone 6
  • New Standard Case
  • Black & Clear edge

*** my purchase is linked HERE






Extra Info:

shipping time: Completely reasonable. I ordered on July 21st and it was delivered to my house on July 30th. The packaging it came in was very sturdy too.

price point: It’s definitely comparable to other “life protective” phone cases on the market. Originally it is $40, but if you sign up for emails you get $5 off. I used the code TENOFFTODAY which made my case come to a total of $30, however I’m not sure if that code is still active. The shipping is always free too which is absolutely amazing.

phone case in general: I am honestly very pleased with my purchase! I have had my case for almost two weeks now. Yes I have dropped it, and no there are no scratches on either the phone or the case! I love it 🙂

I hope y’all decide to check this phone case company out!

If you do make a purchase, please use the link provided HERE!

Let me know if you have ever heard or purchased from Casetify!



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