Travel Update: Day 3 & 4 in Las Vegas!

Hey y’all! We had an exciting past two days in Vegas…

Tuesday, August 9th

We went to the Valley of Fire State Park! 

Y’all this is another activity that if you get the chance, please take the time to see it!

It was $10 in admissions to enter the park, which compared to a lot of other activities in Las Vegas that is very inexpensive! Before arriving I was under the impression that we had to walk the park in the hot and dry heat, but upon arriving I realized that you drove the beautiful roads through the park. There are several breaks in the road for you to park your car and either take pictures or go hiking though! Since it is the hottest time of the year in Nevada currently, we decided to skip the hiking and just drive around and take some pictures!

I don’t even have words to describe how breathtaking beautiful this place was, so take a look for yourself…

Always reppin VT! 🙂 


yay for GoPro selfies! 


We came back to the hotel to grab a quick bite for dinner and change into new clothes. After that we headed to see a Cirque Du Soleil show at 7pm (which was on my bucket list!). We saw the show Mystere (I was pronouncing it Mystery until I was told it’s actually pronounced mist-air).

Y’all that was such an amazing show. Those people are extremely talented, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not to mention, the show was funny, like so funny…I was laughing more than I had anticipated! Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures or videos 😦

Wednesday, August 10th

We went shopping! 

Around mid-afternoon we headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South. Thankfully, 95% of the stores were inside a cool, air-conditioned building.

Since we had a good portion of the day left after this, we headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North. Unfortunately, this mall was outside in the blazing sun. But that was totally OK and here is why…

If you only have time for one of the outlets, I highly suggest you go to Las Vegas Premium Outlets North. Although the parking isn’t as convenient as South (you have to park in a parking garage for N and not for S), it’s totally worth it. LVPO South has a wide selection of stores (I believe it’s over 100) but the stores are more higher end. From what I saw, LVPO North has all the stores that LVPO South has AND more “regular” stores (aka Lululemon, American Eagle, Francescas, etc!).

I hope this post is helpful if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas!



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