Company Review: Frankie Phoenix

I was casually strolling through Pinterest (follow me HERE) the other day and pinned the CUTEST top that I just knew I needed in my life…and thus the story of how I stumbled across Frankie Phoenix begins…

Some information:

Frankie Phoenix is a Los Angeles based company that has a beautiful online store that ships internationally!

HERE is their website, y’all you have to check it out…you’ll fall in love.

The style and prices of their clothing reminds me of Brandy Melville and Pacsun!

Overview of my purchase:

fp 1.jpg

  1. Arielle Tank Top / Rose ($12)IMG_9643.JPG
  2. Spencer Tank Top ($10)IMG_9644.JPG
  3. Essie Rib Top / Black ($17)IMG_9646.JPG
  4. Olivia Skirt ($26)IMG_9642.JPG
  5. Cora Bralette – M/L / Maroon ($12) – for reference I am a C cup. IMG_9641.JPG
  6. Plunge Necklace – Gold ($6)IMG_9640.JPG
  7. Crowned Gem Bracelet – Gray ($5)

    Extra Info:

shipping timeExtremely fast. My order was processed in 1 business day and shipped out in just 2 business days!

size and fitAmazing. Everything fits true to size–I ordered the pieces of clothing in my usual sizes (mostly M) and they all worked perfect for my body type!

material: Super soft and comfortable. Nothing made me itchy or scratchy.

price point: I personally think the pricing is perfect. It is comparable to Brandy Melville in price, sizing, style, and fit. I mean $6 for a cute necklace?? It’s hard to beat that. $12 for a halter bralette? Yeah nothing is better than that!

I hope y’all decide to check this cute boutique out because they just got some new arrivals which y’all know that that means I have to make a second purchase!

Let me know if you have ever heard or purchased from them before? Shoutout to Pinterest for this discovery!



One thought on “Company Review: Frankie Phoenix

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me where are the clothes made… whether you can find out by looking at the tag or by asking the company! I want to know if it is fair trade, thank you very much!


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