Everything Freshmen Orientation Related

Y’all this is such an exciting time for us class of 2016s (now class of 2020s) because our college orientation either already happened or will be happening! Here is my experience along with some tips and tricks…

Overall: 10/10 !!!

Overview: Virginia Tech’s freshmen orientation schedule was as followed…

  1. Arrive, go to the student center, and check in
  2. Information sessions
  3. Orientation group/leader time
  4. Information sessions
  5. Picture for Hokie Passport (Virginia Tech ID)
  6. Check into West AJ (spending the night in the dorm room)
  7. Orientation group/leader time
  8. Rec Night (at our gym; workout, play games, have fun!)
  9. Free time

       Next day

  1. Wake up
  2. Information sessions
  3. Scheduling!
  4. Self-tours/leave

Tips and Tricks:

  • Establish a connection with your orientation leader, they will be somebody you can message again when you get to campus in the fall.
    • add them on Facebook, exchange numbers, follow on social media, etc
  • If you don’t know anybody in your orientation group, DO NOT FREAK OUT.
    • Start by asking someone in the group their name and the next thing you know y’all are having a conversation!
  • When you are making your schedule, remember to consider the times and days. For me, I knew I wanted to be done with classes early on Fridays so that on the weekends I want to go home, I can!
    • Try to work around your eating/meal times as well. For me, I have a break in between my morning class and afternoon class so that I can eat lunch before I go on with my day.
  • If you get to meet with your advisor then take advantage of it and introduce yourself!!
  • If YOU have questions, ask any of the student helpers or the session leaders! That is honestly why they are there.
  • Start to learn the campus…it will be confusing at first.
    • I found a building located in the middle of campus that I declared my “if I am lost” re-start building (AKA if I get lost on campus then I get back to that building so I can restart my directions)
  • Participate!!
    • Whether that be answering a question in an info session, answering/asking a question with your orientation group, or playing basketball at rec night.

I hope this post was helpful! I strongly advise you to be more excited about orientation than you are nervous! Everything will work out the way it is supposed to…and don’t forget that everyone wants to make friends too!

If you have any questions, email me or comment down below!

new friends from orientation!
it’s official!




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