Taste of Country Concert: Buffalo, New York

On Friday, June 10th I headed up to Buffalo, New York with my cousin Kelsey! We headed back to Virginia on Sunday, June 12th. Click open to read about my weekend in New York!

For those of you who don’t know, basically my entire family is from/living in Buffalo, New York! My Aunt and Uncle still currently live there, and it’s where Kelsey was born and raised! I was fortunate enough to have Kelsey in NOVA with me this past year while she pursued her first teaching job at a local elementary school. We thought it would be fun to head back up to New York to hangout with our family and attend (my first) Taste of Country Concert!

Friday: We arrived in NY about 12:00 pm and automatically drove to my Aunt’s office to surprise her! We grabbed some lunch and headed to my Aunt and Uncle’s house to hangout with my cousin Jimmy and to take a quick power nap.

Friday evening: Kelsey, my Aunt, and I got ready for the concert, and then my Uncle drove the three of us to Coca-Cola Field.

The Concert: The concert was absolutely AMAZING. The performances went smoothly and followed the schedule perfectly, give or take 5 minutes. My favorite performer was Granger Smith (because, well actually just look at how cute he is!)



Granger Smith!! *heart eyes emoji*

Saturday: My aunt, Kelsey, and I went to the cutest little store called Magpie and picked up a few cute bracelets and accessories.

Saturday night: They were the sweetest people ever and set up an early graduation dinner for me! We went to a delicious restaurant called RiverWorks. Once you see the big and tall Labatt Blue Beer Cans then you know you’re in the right place…lol!



Saturday night cont.: When we finished up with dinner we headed to Canal Side, and y’all…it was BEAUTIFUL!!! These pictures aren’t doing it enough justice!


go sabres 😉


love this SO much!

IMG_8648 (1)


here’s the map of Canal Side!
we found Sharkgirl! She moves around Canal Side and makes for the perfect photo opp!

Sunday morning: Kels and I woke up and headed back home!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you have ever been, or would like to go, to Buffalo and/or Taste of Country!



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