30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge: Completed!

During the month of June, I participated in the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! Click to see the questions and my answers!

  1. What smell are you grateful for today A bonfire.. or pineapple.. or peanut butter..
  2. What technology are you grateful for? My 13 inch Macbook Pro.
  3. What color are you grateful for? I am grateful for the color grey (shocker, right?). It’s the best neutral because there is a wide shade range, it can be extremely uplifting and bright or extremely dark and sultry.
  4. What food(s) are you most grateful for? 100% easy, the answer would have to be tacos or mango smoothies.
  5. What sound are you grateful for todayMy kitty’s purrs.
  6. What in nature are you grateful for? The ocean. I freaking love the ocean and everything inside of it.
  7. What memory are you grateful for? Honestly, there’s way too many to be grateful for, so I guess I am grateful for ALL the mems.
  8. What book are you most grateful for? #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso.
  9. What place are you most grateful for? My beautiful home.
  10. What taste are you grateful for todayMango smoothies. So fresh. So refreshing.
  11. What holiday are you grateful for? I am grateful for Christmas. I make Christmas such a big deal because I…a) shop for all of my friends and family for about 2 months prior… b) turn on the Christmas music station as soon as it’s November 1st… & c) LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch people open the presents I get them, like I literally push it into their faces to open it (is this just me??).
  12. What texture are you grateful for? Sand….ooooo I love how sand feels on my toes (I’m in love with the beach and ocean fyi)
  13. What abilities are you grateful for? My ability to clean my room in 5 minutes haha, but actually it’s very useful.
  14. What sight are you grateful for todayEverything outside. Everything inside. Everything everywhere.
  15. What season are you grateful for? I am grateful for spring.
  16. What about your body are you grateful for? I am grateful for my eyelashes…does that count??
  17. What knowledge are you grateful for? What quote are you grateful for? “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
  18. What piece of art are you grateful for? What piece of clothing are you grateful for? Every workout clothing item I have (I can’t just pick ONE, that’d be so wrong c’mon now!).
  19. What Who’s touch are you grateful for todayOmg my grandma’s backrubs…loved them when I was a baby, still love ’em.
  20. Who in your life are you grateful for? Oh there are waaay too many (basically everyone in my immediate family and my 4 best friends).
  21. What song are you most grateful for? Forever and Always by Parachute. It is a sad, meaningful, and powerful song. I get chills every single time I listen to it. Check it out HERE.
  22. What story are you grateful for? What book series are you grateful for? I am SO grateful that the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich exists. LOL, y’all read them.
  23. What tradition are you grateful for? Watching shark week with my dad (which I am missing half of this year because I’m in Florida *crying emoji*)
  24. What challenge are you grateful for? Academics is challenging for me…does that count? I am grateful that it’s challenging because it’s made me develop positive work and studying skills.
  25. What moment this week are you most grateful for? My dad coming home from Chicago safely.
  26. What form of expression are you most grateful for? Pure happiness. It’s absolutely breathtaking to watch someone expressing this.
  27. What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for? My deodorant..lol is that weird??? It’s the best though!! … it makes me smell fresh.
  28. What small thing that happened today are you grateful for? I received the sweetest review today on my shop. This is what keeps me goin’ y’all.Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.26.52 PM.png
  29. What friend/family member are you grateful for today? What animal are you grateful for? I’m going to say that I am grateful for all 3 of my kitties (actually cats), but Pursby is still my favorite. 🙂
  30. What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for? My creativity.

I know, I know, I know…I slightly cheated by changing some of the questions…but it was necessary! I also answered them in a random order (ex: on day 3 but answered question 6).

I challenge YOU to complete this challenge and then let me know! Or if you have already completed this, let me know!



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