Current Bucket List (2016)

Let’s share our bucket lists! Click open to see what is on my bucket list thus far…
When you’re done, leave me a comment about some of the things that are on your bucket list (maybe we share some in common!) 


  1. Graduate high school
  2. Get accepted to Virginia Tech
  3. Study abroad for a semester
  4. Become a writer for The Odyssey (unfortunately, I decided to stop)
  5. Declare a major ( May 2017; PR and MJ )
  6. Join a sorority ( #zlam…Spring Class ’17 )
  7. Internship
  8. Graduate College
  9. Finish grad school (possibly)


  1. Start a blog
  2. Start my own Etsy shop
  3. Start my own off site shop ( in the process…get excited! )
  4. Send a decal to all 50 states ( December 2016! )
  5. Pay for my own vacation ( Florida Beach Week 2016! )
  6. Participate in the color run
  7. Visit all 50 US States
  8. Indoor skydive
  9. Get a facial
  10. Get a massage
  11. Have my own apartment ( ayyy, August 2017! )

Travel Activities:

  1. Swim in every ocean (so far I have swum in the Pacific and Atlantic)
  2. Stay in an all-inclusive resort
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Snorkel
  5. Go parasailing
  6. Make my first GoPro Travel Diary
  7. Swim in a cave
  8. Stay in a log cabin
  9. Stay in an underwater hotel
  10. See a broadway show
  11. Stay in a Disneyworld Resort in Florida
  12. Swim with sharks
  13. Swim with dolphins
  14. Swim with sea turtles
  15. Hold a manatee, touch a manatee, and/or swim with manatees ( I LOVE manatees, ever since third grade )
  16. Release baby turtles into the ocean
  17. Experience a banana boat ride
  18. Somehow get across the Golden Gate Bridge
  19. Watch a Las Vegas show
  20. Ride in a train
  21. See a baby shark
  22. Ride a jetski
  23. Airplane by myself ( July 3, 2017 )

Places to Travel:

  1. Christmas in NYC
  2. Walk around NYC ( July 2017 )
  3. Spend a day in DC ( perks of living close to the city is that I have done this a bunch! )
  4. Travel to Hawaii
  5. Travel to El Salvador
  6. Travel to the Philippines
  7. Travel to Italy
  8. Travel to Greece
  9. Travel to London
  10. Travel to Spain
  11. Travel to Australia
  12. Travel to California
  13. Travel to Turks and Caicos
  14. Travel to the BVI ( British Virgin Islands )
  15. Travel to The Bahamas
  16. Travel to The Maldives
  17. Travel to Bermuda ( my soccer team went and played against their women’s professional team! )
  18. Travel to Bora Bora
  19. Travel to Costa Rica
  20. Travel to Punta Cana
  21. Travel to England
  22. Travel to Cozumel, Mexico
  23. Travel to Canada
  24. Travel to Cancun, Mexico
  25. Visit Jamaica
  26. Re-visit New Hampshire ( where I was born )
  27. Spend a weekend in NYC
  28. Go on a Disney Cruise
  29. Go on an Alaskan Cruise
  30. Visit Las Vegas, Nevada ( August 2016 )
  31. See the Grand Canyon
  32. See the Hoover Dam ( August 2016 )
  33. Visit The Valley of Fire in Nevada 
  34. Go to Shenandoah National Park
  35. See the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC
  36. Go to the Mall of America
  37. Visit Disneyworld in Florida
  38. Explore Downtown Disney
  39. Visit Disneyland in California
  40. Visit the Four Corners
  41. Hollywood Walk of Fame
  42. See Niagara Falls
  43. Firefly Music Festival
  44. Coachella Music Festival
  45. Stagecoach Music Festival

And that is my list y’all!



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