High School Graduation!

Y’all……I GRADUATED! I am officially finished with high school and I somehow managed to graduate with an Advanced Diploma! A special, and huge, thank you must go out to my family, especially my parents, for making the day so damn special. As my cap says, I am officially Blacksburg Bound! I cannot wait to see what Virginia Tech has in store for me 🙂

Thank you to the class of 2016, you pushed my to strive for greatness. Thank you to my parents for constantly supporting and pushing me. Thank you to all of my friends for being there for me and creating some amazing memories along the way. Thank you to my brother for reminding me that I should be the best that I can be. & Lastly, thank you to my high school for giving me my diploma 🙂




love me some Mama Kibs
quick shoutout to KB for being the best and longest friend (thankfully I don’t have to leave you next year)
when a door closes, another one opens 🙂 Peep the hokie-inspired shoes

And that’s a wrap folks!



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