10 Things That Make Me Anxious About College

As a fourth quarter senior, only weeks away from graduating, the excitement for college is real. But, like many other seniors, there are aspects about college that make me nervous and/or anxious. Here’s a list of 10 things that make me nervous about entering college…

  1. The parties.
    • I’m scared they’ll be too uh, intense, for me.
  2. Living with a roommate.
    • What if I’m a sucky roommate??
  3. The workload from classes. 
    • What if I can’t keep on top of all my work and I fall behind??
  4. Rushing a sorority.
    • I’ve always wanted to join a sorority…but what if they don’t want me??
  5. Meeting new people.
    • What if they don’t like me??
  6. Getting lost on campus.
    • How am I supposed to memorize the MANY names and directions of lawns, buildings, statues??
  7. Being away from my family.
    • My family and I have always been pretty close, it’s quite obvious to anyone that I will miss them too much.
  8. Being away from my kitty. 
    • Who is going to snuggle with me all day??
  9. Gaining the freshman 15. 
    • If anything, I need to lose weight…but with Tech’s amazing food, I need to have some gym motivators by my side.
  10. The closet.
    • Y’all, this girl has a lot of clothes. This girl is also indecisive. So asking me to pick and choose which small amount of clothing will go into my tiny closet isn’t the best decision.

Despite the title of this post, I am extremely excited for college and my future and next year in general.

Who else is a part of college Class of 2020? Let me know!



4 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Anxious About College

  1. Aw I’m sure you’ll do great! I just finished my sophomore year of college and here are the tips I can give about your list!
    1. be smart at parties and always have your own way home. It’s definitely a hope for the best but be prepared for the worst kind of thing. Always have some cash on you to get home, never take a drink you didn’t see made, and NEVER drive drunk or with somebody who is drunk!
    2. If you’re living on campus, seriously your RA is your best friend in a roommate conflict. (I may be biased since I AM an RA haha) but other than that… an in person convo is always better than a note and talk with your roommates BEFORE you’re ready to explode.

    Everything else will come, the work load isn’t really more challenging from my experience but rather you need to be more diligent with your time (do homework instead of binge watch netflix all day haha) If you have a few days before classes, walk through campus and find your classes. Go to programs that Residence Life throws or go to athletic events and you’ll meet plenty of people. College is a great adventure and you’ll be fine!

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    1. I totally fan-girled when I saw that you commented on my post! Thank you SO much for this advice, I need as much as I can!! I appreciate you taking the time to checkout out my blog and read and comment on my posts! You’re the best! Thank you 🙂

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