10 Things I’m Looking Forward To At College

You will be attending a school/university that you’re 100% in love with in just a few short months. I would bet money that you are most likely excited for every aspect of it, but here’s a list of the things that I am most excited for about college…

  1. Living and bonding with my roommate.
    • My roomie’s name is Leah, and yes, she is great.
  2. Meeting and making new friends.
    • Although I will recognize a lot of people from my high school, I plan on opening up my horizons to other people.
  3. College classes (I know this is unusual, but I’m excited to see the courses/schedule that I end up with, not necessarily the workload…).
    • I’m hoping to take Spanish again and some cool marketing classes.
  4. Exploring the new scenery and town.
    • VT has some amazing hiking spots and Blacksburg, of course, is full of yummy restaurants and fun activities.
  5. The parties (just trying to keep it real here).
    • THIS GAL IS NOT AN AVID PARTIER…but I’m excited to see what they’re like.
  6. Learning to be independent.
    • Don’t tell my mom but…I might save my laundry for the weekends I come home…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, am I right ladies?
  7. Learning how to adult.
    • *As I have my mom on speed-dial asking her what medicine to take for a headache.* Hey, I’ll give it a shot though.
  8. College football games.
    • Lane Stadium at VT. ’nuff said.
  9. Rushing a sorority (and then hopefully being in a sorority).
    • I cannot wait to (hopefully) be a part of the one aspect of college that I have been thinking about since freshman year of high school. Rush week is one of the several aspects of college that I am most looking forward to.
  10. Getting involved in clubs and organizations. 
    • I cannot wait to see the hundreds of clubs available to me, just silently calling for me. I’m going to spread my wings and (attempt) to fly.

As like most other high school seniors, I am conflicted with my emotions towards college. Of course I have those feelings of “ugh please can I just leave yet?” but I also have those “omg what if nobody likes me, what if I get lost on my way to class, what if I don’t get into a sorority, what if…” But in reality, as scared as I am, I am also extremely excited. I cannot wait to meet new people and honestly just try new things. I’m making it a goal for myself to reach a little out of my comfort zone, because that’s something I have never tried before.



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