Affordable Outfit–American Eagle


First off, I wanted to mention how much fun I had with Brett for my senior photoshoot. She takes absolutely amazing photos and is incredibly talented. If you have a second, please check out her blog (linked here) !! Thank you 🙂

Alright, lets talk about the fashion, which is most likely the reason you came to my blog! This is my first affordable outfit blog post, and the featured shop is American Eagle (go figure!)

I’ll start off with the dress, just because it looks amazing paired with the bright teal door (which was just as cool in person!). It is a light, dusted rose color in a shift dress style. If you buy this, definitely buy it a size smaller than usual, as it fits very loose. The straps are also adjustable so if you feel it is too short, that is fixable! Unfortunately this dress is unavailable, but click here for a similar dress (same fit).

Next, let’s talk about my jean jacket! Ok guys, I had been searching for the ideal jean jacket for forever, and I was so happy I found this one. I knew that I wanted a regular wash but it had to be affordable, and guys this one was! Keep reading for all the prices. I bought this jacket in my regular size and it is perfect, it is not too tight and I can move my arms comfortably. GUYS IT IS ON SALE …click here to check it out.

Lastly, MY SHOES. I believe that is enough said. I was scrolling through Pinterest (follow me!) one day when I saw a girl wearing the cutest fall outfit in similar booties, so I knew I needed to find a pair. Thankfully, American Eagle was there to help me out 🙂 I bought these 0.5 a size bigger than usual and I am so happy I did, they are a perfect fit! Click here to checkout the shoes!

Alright, time for the fun stuff…the prices:

Dress: $17.98 (orig. $39.95)

Shoes: $50.96 (orig. $59.95)

Jean Jacket: $22.48 (orig. $49.95)

YES. I kid you not, I jumped from joy at these prices.

How did I get such amazing prices?: I used a 50% off rewards program, plus I used another promotion for a percent off for them being new arrivals.

Tip of the post: If you are buying from American Eagle, DO NOT pay full price. Everything gets put into the clearance on their website after a month or so….just be patient. When I bought the dress and jean jacket, they were still in the New Arrivals tab but only 2 weeks later they were on clearance (however, I still was able to get a better deal as I explained).



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