Pura Vida 33% OFF Flash Sale

Happy Monday y’all! To make your Monday just a little brighter, I have some great news!

Pura Vida is having a FLASH SALE!

They are offering 33% off your entire purchase from September 26th – September 30th!

use code: PURAVIDA33

Here’s some of their products that I am using this amazing opportunity to snatch up…

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 3.42.36 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-26 at 3.43.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-26 at 3.47.04 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-26 at 3.47.43 PM.png



10 College Game Day Outfit Ideas

Ten college game day outfit ideas!

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10 Dorm Room Thoughts As Told By Minions

Here’s a sneak peek into the daily thoughts of a typical college student whenever they are just chilling in their dorm room…

1. *Stares at notebooks, textbooks, and Canvas* Where did all of this work come from?!

ah minion

Where should I start on my homework? AKA every single college student’s biggest dilemma. Typically we start with the easiest assignment and force ourselves to continue on to the more difficult work after we get a nice warm up.

2. Yes! I finally figured out the answer. Wait, why isn’t that an answer choice?!

sad minion

It is totally OK, it happens to the best of us. I mean, we can’t all knoweverything, or else google wouldn’t exist. Honestly, this means it’s time to move onto the next question.

3. What do you mean tomorrow isn’t Friday?

surprised minion

It’s actually only Tuesday, it just feels like Friday since you’ve already read five chapters and spent too many hours writing notes.

4. Yo, props to my roommate for not being crazy.

friendsAnd good thing she/he doesn’t think you’re crazy either. Don’t forget to thank your roommate every now and again for putting up with you and your messy self (see #7).

5. I totally aced that assignment.

It may have taken you four pages of notes and three hours of your life, but hey, you got a 100%. Go you.

6. Why am I still hungry? Should I make mac and cheese? Yes.

You literally could come back from a five course meal but for some unknownreason, the second you’re sitting in the dorm for more than five minutes, you’re hungry again! Maybe it’s the fact that your big bucket of food is less than five feet away from you and totally accessible without getting out of your chair, bonus points.

7. YIKES. My desk is looking a little messy, maybe I should clean it?

Nah, you won’t. Don’t lie to yourself, that desk won’t be cleaned until three days from now when you’re doing everything possible to avoid your math homework.

8. I physically can’t do college.

This is a daily thought; falling out of my chair, spilling water all over the floor, reading three chapters in one day, failing a math quiz, etc. Those are just a few circumstances where I’ve said this to myself (and expressed it to my roommate as well).

9. Will I workout today?

I mean hey, at least you thought about doing it. It’s the effort that counts; maybe you’ll workout this weekend, emphasize on the maybe.

10. Why did I do this to myself?

College is hard y’all. It’s definitely a major adjustment, and there will be moments when you just want to “quit” college. But think about the goal at the end of it all; the diploma (and new friends and connections).

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A Freshman’s Point of View On College Move In Day

Hey y’all! I’m officially at college and have been here for a little less than four weeks! Here is my perspective about my move in day 🙂

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Travel Video Diary: Las Vegas, NV

Hey y’all! I finally got around to uploading my travel diary for my trip to Las Vegas in August 2016!

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Company Review: Casetify

I gave in to the trend and purchased myself a marble laptop case. But little did I know that it would lead me to discovering a new phonecase company…

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Travel Update: Day 3 & 4 in Las Vegas!

Hey y’all! We had an exciting past two days in Vegas…

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